Ecowanderer visits World’s 8th Largest Solar Platform in Amareleja, Portugal

13 12 2010

Following the visit to Europe’s Biggest Dam: The Alqueva Dam located in Alentejo, Portugal, we also decided to visit the nearby solar platform, the 8th largest in the world: Central Solar Fotovoltaica de Amareleja.

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Ecowanderer goes to Europe’s Biggest Dam and Artificial Lake

7 03 2010

Ecowanderer recently had the opportunity to visit Europe’s Biggest Dam: The Alqueva Dam located in Alentejo, Portugal, and travel only a portion of the greatest artificial lake made possible by the dam: The Great Lake (also known as Albufeira of Alqueva)

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Seasteading for Climate Change

28 06 2009


The idea of floating cities that could one day house climate change refugees is not new. There have been some older news regarding that solution in case rising sea levels force people out of their homes. It is with great hope that a new idea will be shared.

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Global Warming Health Threat?

15 06 2009


Despite the clear timeframe of the two following news that come from BBC, one really has to wonder if the consequences of Global Warming can have some positive side or none at all. It is ultimately up to the reader that he must look the matter by himself in order to find out the truth.

Consider the following two news:

“Climate change is “the biggest global health threat of the 21st Century”, according to a leading medical journal…

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Seed Bombing

17 05 2009


After the past article on how a bacteria could help stop desertification, here comes some other news on alternative ways to solve the same problem. This new idea is called Seed Bombing, which involves a bomber aircraft and charges full of the Seed Capsules. Essentially the project involves artificial dispersal of seeds over arid areas where natural vegetation has lapsed due to man-made follies like deforestation leading to desertification. Each capsule contains artificial soil and seeds, and are air-dropped over the selected regions.

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Climate Change: Debatable

13 05 2009


After all the media time dedicated to Global Warming and the new proposals to stop such apparent threat, little is often heard about voices that have tried to explain logical inconsistencies inside the IPCC Man-made Global Warming theory. This is why Eco Wanderer wishes to present its readers with the other side of the argument, and ultimately let the readers make their own logical conclusions from analysis of the information.

The article will now present 4 pertinent arguments that point out inconsistencies in the current widely accepted theory that Man is responsible for the increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s near-surface air and oceans since the mid-twentieth century and its projected continuation.

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Bacteria can prevent Desertification in the future

9 05 2009


Desertification is now a widely recognized problem that can negatively affect many people’s lives. It’s occurrence not only reduces the amount of farmland available, but also widely affects the biodiversity that existed in that habitat. This is why possible solutions for the problem (besides preventive factors) are of great importance both as a method to prevent any more harm done to natural resources, as to the local people that now has to live in more hard-enduring conditions

This is why the incredible idea of Magnus Larsson, a student from London’s Architectural Association, presents one of the most ingenious and potentially effective ways of dealing with this problem. His solution: a 6,000 km long wall of artificially solidified sandstone spanning the Sahara Desert from east to west, where the combination from the sandstone and the dunes will provide a refugee housing and a block against the desert.

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