Ecowanderer visits World’s 8th Largest Solar Platform in Amareleja, Portugal

13 12 2010

Following the visit to Europe’s Biggest Dam: The Alqueva Dam located in Alentejo, Portugal, we also decided to visit the nearby solar platform, the 8th largest in the world: Central Solar Fotovoltaica de Amareleja.

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Ecowanderer goes to Europe’s Biggest Dam and Artificial Lake

7 03 2010

Ecowanderer recently had the opportunity to visit Europe’s Biggest Dam: The Alqueva Dam located in Alentejo, Portugal, and travel only a portion of the greatest artificial lake made possible by the dam: The Great Lake (also known as Albufeira of Alqueva)

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Wind Power Revolution

29 05 2009


Ever considered having a wind turbine? What if you were told you could build your own device to harness the wind power which were ten to thirty times more efficient and cheaper than building your own wind turbine?

Well look no further, the next wind power has arrived. And it’s called Windbelt.

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Solar Powered Stirling Engine

20 05 2009


Given the rise, in recent years, of liquid fuel prices and concerns such as peak oil and climate change, it is no wonder there has been a tremendous interest on new ways to produce energy. Today we would like to share one that we have found out about: Stirling Engines.

A Stirling engine is a device that converts heat energy into mechanical power by alternately compressing and expanding a fixed quantity of air or other gas (the working fluid) at different temperatures.

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Bioelectricity as the new alternative to Ethanol

8 05 2009

Due to awareness on the scarcity of fossil fuels and increased media coverage regarding global warming, alternatives such as Biofuels have gained an increased attention worldwide. However, researchers writing in the online edition of the May 7 Science magazine have now come to the conclusion that using ethanol to fuel our cars might not be the best idea after all.

Since growing energy crops are likely to compete with food crops for fertile ground, which would lead to the clearance of more forests to increase farmland, the researchers claim to have found a better alternative: convert biomass to electricity rather than ethanol.

Example of a “blogger” plant, where its bioelectrical signals are used to issue posts at a blog in Japan

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