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2 06 2009

Hey great blog! I would like to touch base with you about your blog. Please contact me directly at chris@greenpress.com

Look forward to hearing from you.


14 07 2010
Chris Turner

Hi there,

As an authority on sustainability and green issues you would no doubt be well aware of the increasing pressure on our climate as a result of Carbon Dioxide emissions. We have created an infographic based on the World’s Carbon Dioxide emissions which we think will be of interest to yourself and your visitors:


If you do enjoy the infographic and feel that it will be useful to your readership then please feel free to reproduce it on your site. However, if you do reproduce the infographic a link would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,


27 09 2010
Iva Mechkunova

Dear EcoWanderer,

I’m writing you on behalf of Impakt Foundation, which organizes an anual festival celebrating contemporary image and video in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The curators (Stealth.Unlimited) of this year’s theme program- Matrix City, are interested in screening the video below, which was uploaded on your youtube channel:

I assume you hold the rights over it. Could you please get in touch with me as soon as possible, so I can explain you what this is all about in private, and the details about the festival and the program. My email address is: iva@impakt.nl

I will be looking forward to your response!

Kind regards,

on behalf of Impakt

Iva Mechkunova

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