Ecowanderer visits World’s 8th Largest Solar Platform in Amareleja, Portugal

13 12 2010

Following the visit to Europe’s Biggest Dam: The Alqueva Dam located in Alentejo, Portugal, we also decided to visit the nearby solar platform, the 8th largest in the world: Central Solar Fotovoltaica de Amareleja.

The project began in late 2007, taking 13 months to build. The first three MegaWatts (MW) were built right in the beginning, whereas the rest of the facility only began to take shape during the year of 2008. On the 29th of December of 2008, the Spanish company Acciona Energia announced that the solar platform had started working in its entirety, after an initial investment of 261 million euros.

Entrance Logo

The company Acciona Energia, which owns the facility 100%, initially bought it in January 2007 from Moura’s Municipality (88%), from company Comoiprel (2%) and from company Renatura Networks consultant (10%).

Solar platform view with overview of municipality

The solar platform has an installed capacity of 46 MW and will produce 93 million kilowatts/hour (kWh), per year, equivalent to the consumption of 30 000 families, and avoiding the emission of 89.383 tons of annual carbon dioxide (CO2).

The platform also occupies 250 hectares (2500000 square meters), and is composed of 2.520 solar followers, with 262.080 photovoltaic modules.

Close-up on modules

More pictures and video footage available in the following youtube video:



History and numbers source: Radio Notícias TSF




7 responses

25 03 2011
Space Heaters

How amazing. Enough power to supply 30,000 families for a year without burning fossil fuels. Solar platforms have so many good points, there can be no doubt in the direction this will take us.

30 03 2011
Plumbers Leeds

Agreed Space Heaters and with recent events in Japan highlighting some of the dangers of alternative energy sources this has to be truly eco friendly and definitely the way to go.

19 04 2011
Eco Homes

Awesome, obviously more suited to some countries than others but amazing to see. I am in the UK, and have a 4Kw system on my roof which covers our energy usage over the daylight hours and we only have to revert to the grid system for night time energy usage – so yes I would massively encourage power companies to think greener for their generation. From Paul creating Eco Home Designs and Eco Home Extensions

3 05 2011

Schöner Artikel, da werd ich wohl gleich mal nen Bookmark anlegen.

23 08 2011

I have just had solar panels fitted to my roof, I am told by a friend that they have really paid off, it has took a few years for them to get their money back but they say that all of their fuel is now basically free. it has to be worth going eco friendly.

14 09 2011

I think the use of anything environmentally friendly that does the same job as gas and electricity is amazing. I have a wind turbine (only small) at the top of my garden, but this heats the water and the radiators which is fab, it has certainly saved us money in the long run.

1 02 2012

Great to see. Hopefully more and more power companies and governments will make the transition to renewable energy. And sooner rather than later

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