Seasteading for Climate Change

28 06 2009


The idea of floating cities that could one day house climate change refugees is not new. There have been some older news regarding that solution in case rising sea levels force people out of their homes. It is with great hope that a new idea will be shared.

It was with this scenario in mind, that an interest idea has sprung. The Seasteading Institute has as a mission “to further the establishment and growth of permanent autonomous communities, enabling innovation with new political and social systems”. One of its founders, Patri Friedman, said:

“Floating cities are already real – millions of people take cruises every year, and they’re cheaper than the cost of living in some US cities. We have many differences in mind, but cruise ships prove that the idea is possible. Now we just have to make something safer, stabler, more spacious, more modular, incrementally built, cheaper, permanent, and worth visiting even though it mostly stays put!”


Example of a Floating City

One of the main engineering problems faced by the Seasteading Institute was precisely how to reduce the cost of floating platforms in order to make the prospec of living in the sea more attractive. These and other concerns are mostly addressed in the Seasteading Institute’s Frequently Asked Questions.

Here is a video where Patri Friedman mentions his Seasteding Institute a bit further:

Such advances in floating platforms will reduce the cost of building those platforms and will allow for more of them to be built and to house more climate change refugees. Let us hope the cost will be even more reduced by further developments on this field.




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25 11 2010
Sodium Ascorbate

of course cruise ships are expensive but of course the trip is very nice `”‘

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