Global Warming Health Threat?

15 06 2009


Despite the clear timeframe of the two following news that come from BBC, one really has to wonder if the consequences of Global Warming can have some positive side or none at all. It is ultimately up to the reader that he must look the matter by himself in order to find out the truth.

Consider the following two news:

“Climate change is “the biggest global health threat of the 21st Century”, according to a leading medical journal…

“…The Lancet, together with University College London researchers, has published a report outlining how public health services will need to adapt.

“…The authors aim to add their voice to the call for carbon mitigation and will focus on making clear the ways in which climate change will affect health.”

This news, which can be found in BBC NEWS, was written on the 14th May 2009. However, this particular piece of news appears to contradict what was said roughly one year and five months ago, in another article in BBC NEWS:

The risk of a fatal heatwave in the UK within ten years is high, but overall global warming may mean fewer deaths due to temperature, a report says…

“…A seriously hot summer between now and 2017 could claim more than 6,000 lives, the Department of Health report warns.

“…But it also stresses that milder winters mean deaths during this time of year – which far outstrip heat-related mortality – will continue to decline.

“…The report is to help health services prepare for climate change effects.”

1186154221_HotWeather-400x300 So, is there a health threat after all or not?

Despite the more tragic news having appeared later, it never mentions the previous one and whether the initial news report was accurate or not.

In the end, it is up to you, the reader, to have to search this matter by yourself, because apparently BBC News hasn’t quite nailed it yet.




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27 11 2009
Ronan Gallagher

I think if we replaced all the flags in all the schools and public buildings with the famous hockey stick graphic that represents how man has accelerated the climate change process, we might at least concentrate the minds of generations to come and have a constant reminder to this generation of just how immediate and fragile our position is if we fail to act.

17 12 2009

I’m personally quite skeptical about the hockey stick (after all Michael Mann’s representation stood almost a decade with the raw data and algorithms hidden from public and scientific scrutiny).

This is not to say that I don’t think humans affect the climate – on a local level. But on a global level I have yet to see cause-effect data rather than just correlations, no matter how suggestive they might be.

18 12 2009

Ok, Global Warming is a component of Climate Change but they are not the same thing. Please stop perpetuating the simplification that Climate change = Global Warming. There are not benefits to Cimate Change.

Also, journalists are not scientists and therefore are not going to be reliable sources of specific consequences of climate change. Quote mining various articles to prove that climate change might not be so bad is petty and immature.

From your post, I take that you seem to think that injecting some common sense the climate change issue might reveal something that the actual data has not. This is a bad idea to perpetuate. The problem with our society is that they do not understand the scientific process and are not trained to have an open mind. Common sense does not come into the scientific process and shows that you are basing your conclusions on pre-conceived notions.

18 12 2009

My post precisely proves how journalism, regarding this matter, is not enough and will never be an accurate way for people to gain knowledge of this matter. The only way to acquire knowledge: science. I do not see how you could find that “petty and immature”.

If anything, this post reveals how contradictory the media is regarding this subject, not how the science behind it is contradictory. For the latter, I am willing to argue with you, but I hope it is cleared that THIS post has no intention of criticizing the science itself.

Also, I agree that Global Warming =/= Climate Change, but if you’d looked more carefully into the article, you would see that it was not me who claimed otherwise. The media changes the terms whenever it feels like it, without enlightening the reader that there ARE differences, and that things are named differently for a reason.

8 01 2010

“Ok, Global Warming is a component of Climate Change” It’s true but neither is something man can control even if the world had no heat and cooling mechanisms for their homes and they rode bicycles for all their transportation needs.

I dare to say the science is indeed flawed and contradictory. Thank God there are scientists; despite the massive amount of propaganda we do get contradicting information.

“There are not benefits to Climate Change.” Of course there are benefits; a warming climate trend contributes to increased biological activity like more vigorous crop growth (more food production). If you lived in an extremely cold climate, a warming phase would be quite welcome as well as a benefit.

The phrase “global warming” had been nixed to use the more innocuous term “climate change” that way they have both heating and cooling covered and both terms have been used to hoodwink you into thinking there was a problem for the disengenuous purpose of imposing more regulations on you and industry to claim power.

4 12 2010
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22 05 2011
solar water

You can also make a difference in your own backyard. Get a group in your neighborhood together and contact your local arborist or urban forester about planting trees on private property and public land. In addition to storing carbon, trees planted in and around urban areas and residences can provide much-needed shade in the summer, reducing energy bills and fossil fuel use

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