Solar Powered Stirling Engine

20 05 2009


Given the rise, in recent years, of liquid fuel prices and concerns such as peak oil and climate change, it is no wonder there has been a tremendous interest on new ways to produce energy. Today we would like to share one that we have found out about: Stirling Engines.

A Stirling engine is a device that converts heat energy into mechanical power by alternately compressing and expanding a fixed quantity of air or other gas (the working fluid) at different temperatures.


Point focus parabolic dish with Stirling engine and its solar tracker at Plataforma Solar de Almería (PSA) in Spain

Solar Powered Stirling Engine Video

Even though originally conceived in 1816, it is still noted for its high efficiency, quiet operation and the ease with which it can utilise what would otherwise be wasted heat. Usually it is ran by the combustion of a fuel. Recently, however, stirling engines have been increasingly designed towards using another source of heat: the sun. New stirling engines can work using the heat of the sun and provide a new way for one to harness that energy without only relying on photovoltaic panels.

Furthermore, stirling engines are very easy to make with simple materials. Below are some links that where you can find instructions on how to make your own stirling engine. If you want it to be more environmentally friendly, simply use mirrors in order to link the sun’s rays into the stirling engine’s heat sinker.

Custom made Stirling Engine Solar Reflector

Links with instructions:

Soup Tin Stirling Engine

Easy to Build Stirling Engine

Let’s build a Can Stirling Engine

Stirling Engine Project Instructables



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2 03 2010
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Keep it Up.

29 12 2010
Anabel Swierczek

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2 01 2011

Sure, go ahead

22 03 2011

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7 05 2011
solar water

Solar panel system is becoming even more popular today. As it has been proven as the best alternative source of energy. It also helps in saving money from the electricity bills.

7 09 2011

Thanks for the videos, I am always trying to learn more about green energy options such as solar panels. There is a fantastic documentary on youtube about nicola tesla and his free energy plans. I’m sure you would love it.


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