Seed Bombing

17 05 2009


After the past article on how a bacteria could help stop desertification, here comes some other news on alternative ways to solve the same problem. This new idea is called Seed Bombing, which involves a bomber aircraft and charges full of the Seed Capsules. Essentially the project involves artificial dispersal of seeds over arid areas where natural vegetation has lapsed due to man-made follies like deforestation leading to desertification. Each capsule contains artificial soil and seeds, and are air-dropped over the selected regions.


By being inside a biodegradable plastic, the artificial soil will provide the necessary conditions of moisture to the seed until it grows out to be a strong enough plant to sustain itself. As the plant matures, the plastic will be naturally degraded , leaving behind a new generation of plant in a former arid area.


Even though there clearly needs to be more reasearch in the field, especially since the new plant will face very hard environments, this solution could prove an effective mass scale solution to the problem. Perhaps a joint effort by seed bombers and bacteria could protect the first bomb plants from the harsh environments with the bacteria-created structures.




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